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Welcome to My World Of Pashible!

Left Hander | Right Thinker. Life runs on 0 | 1. Founder BeatBeans algorithm | Alice Mathematic.

Founder Rural IT awareness camp . Wanna be book author.

(Pashible = Passion + Possible)

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Professionally Binary 0 | 1

A developer by both passion and profession. Give me any code to work upon no matter how complex you think it is, I would like to get hooked till its done. Everything need not be perfect but there are few things which cannot be compromised.

I believe language is just an enabler and so I accept projects in any technologies.
here are few of my expertise and experienced technologies/domains.

  • Java, J2ME, Android, Spring, Hibernate
  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP, X++ language
  • PHP, JavaScript, Jquery and other server/client side scripting languages and libraries.
  • Google Go
  • C, C++, Java, MSFT .NET and other object oriented languages.
  • File Structure Design.
  • Client-Server communication, Server hosting, setting up private servers, Setting-up VPN, Personal hosting and VPN in dynamic or static IP

Devoted Coffee Drinker

I believe coffee spreads love. Having coffee alone? don't forget to invite ;).
I absolutely accept any conversation over coffee. A striking business deal, psyco-programming, Old or new technologies, A rocket science, Nuclear reactions, World War 2, "pakka" romance or a absolute gossip about your neighbours pet dog.

Passionate Cook

“In my experience, food and passion always intertwine. Passion is food for the soul’s mood at any particular time.” _Tammy Mollai

Cooking is pure fun for me. Come home any free days and join my cooking lab. | My Fancy Pantry.

I am a Hungry Foodie as well. From panner to mushroom to wine I would like to taste everything. And ya, I am not over weight I watch my calories too :P.

Skype: devangnithin
Twitter: @devangnith

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